More good biking this past weekend, and I’ll be heading down to South Carolina on Sunday for a week in Charleston to attend the Entrepreneur’s Organization’s “Nerve” conference. No What’s Hot Wednesday on September 25th as I’ll be in workshops and meet and greets all week. So, here’s this week’s briefing for business owners:

  • Adam Connors, the consummate networker—in fact, his business is teaching business people how to network better—sharing this post about the importance of networking through social media. It resonated with the Owlthena team, so wanted to make sure you had a chance to read too.
  • An FBI behavior expert’s thoughts on how to quickly build trust is shared in this Medium post by Thomas Oppong. Can you apply these concepts with your stakeholders? Do you do this already?


Do Good Spotlight: Philabundance

Do you know that 750,000 people in the Delaware Valley region face hunger on a daily basis? Each week, Philabundance serves about 90,000 of them—about 33% are children and 15% are seniors. Supporting Philabundance helps them distribute approximately 30 million pounds of food each year through their own food distribution programs and a network of 350 member agencies throughout 9 counties in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. For every dollar donated to Philabundance they are able to provide 2 meals to the hungry among us. This week, we donated so they can help those who need nourishment most. You can too, here’s a link to make it easy.


  • This article in Mother Jones talks about a controversial concept known as “managed retreat.” It’s something you’ll hear more about as seas rise and those living on the shoreline need to move—or be moved by governments. A looking-forward read. How may this affect your business?
  • When your employees lose motivation, it’s bad. When you as the leader lose it, it’s devastating for you and everyone on your team. How do you keep motivated and what do you do if your motivation starts to slip? How can you coach employees who may be burning out before your eyes? This article from the New York Times offers some advice on all fronts.

That’s it for this week. Please let us know if there’s anything you want to talk about and I hope to have cool thinks to share with you from the Nerve conference when What’s Hot Wednesday for Business Owners returns on October 2nd. In the meantime, thanks for being a part of the Owlthena community!