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This week we’re buzzing about eliminating time wasters, a lesson in emotional intelligence by Trader Joe’s, and how to resolve conflicts. Here you go:


Removing Time Wasters to Gain More Time in Each Day

We business owners know the key to success is managing time well by making room for work and play, limiting stress levels, and staying focused on things that matter. Here’s a list of the biggest time wasters to be vigilant about (#4 is our favorite):


Trader Joes Gives a Lesson in Leadership

When former Cosby Show actor Geoffrey Owens was recently photographed working in a Trader Joe’s, the ensuing publicity caused him to resign from his position. Trader Joe’s in turn showed tremendous emotional intelligence by telling Owens that instead of leaving permanently, they would just consider it a temporary leave of absence. By respecting his need for space but leaving the door open for him to come back if he wants to in the future, Trader Joe’s is demonstrating the emotional intelligence that has come to be associated with this brand.

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Resolving Conflicts

Conflict comes with the territory when you own a business. When trying to resolve conflict, it’s essential to first determine which type of conflict you are dealing with. Is it a hot conflict where the involved parties are angry and emotional or is it a cold conflict where the parties seem to be suppressing emotions? Once you assess which type you are dealing with, you can understand the dynamics involved and craft a strategy—and it’s not “compromise.” What is it…?

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