We’re well into September—how’s it going for you? I’m rediscovering the joys of biking and the weather is supporting my excitement. The biggest wow is all the cool places I’ve discovered that I blew by countless times when driving. Makes you rethink perspectives, for sure.

And speaking of perspectives, I can’t write “9/11” on anything without thinking of what happened to us all back in 2001. Please take a moment today to reflect on how we all came together on this day 18 years ago and in the weeks that followed, and see if you can find ways to re-ignite the spirit of “togetherness” in your slice of our world.

With all the devastation in the Bahamas and on our shores from Hurricane Dorian, the Owlthena team came together and directed our donation for this week to the America Red Cross to help those hurt by Dorian. Here’s a link to the Dorian support page if you would like to donate too.


Stories That Have Us Thinking This Week:

  • Do you want to read more books? If you’re serious, here’s a serious guideline. I’ve been doing for years some of what Darius Foroux suggests (reading multiple books at a time) and some tips were brand new to me. I started doing some of them already, e.g. “Write down in your own words what the book is about or, if applicable, what advice the author is giving.”
  • I like reading through lists of cool start-ups because inevitably some of the ideas behind the companies on the list spark new ideas for me and my two companies. This list from LinkedIn Pulse is no exception:. BTW, one listee that resonated for me is Good American, a clothing designer/manufacturer that created a new size to meet the needs of its buyers. Smart!
  • Are you an optimist? If you are, there’s good news in that. The findings from a combined study of over 71,000 people over 30 years found you’re likely to live longer. Details here.


I hope this briefing provided you some new thoughts and insights. Have a great rest of the week!