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Now to this week’s topics…the Owlthena team found thoughtful and thought-provoking articles on the importance of work-life balance, taking the stigma out of ambition for female entrepreneurs, and the significance of building trust among your team members.


Quiz: Work-Life Balance

Balancing your professional life with your personal life is a challenge all business owners face. The prevalence of digital communication has made that challenge even more daunting as we are often now expected to be available anywhere and at anytime. Dr. Joanie Connell, founder of Flexible Work Solutions, has created a short quiz to help understand if you have a healthy work-life balance or if you need to make some changes to better balance the two.

Take the quiz here to see how you score:


Tory Burch: Taking the Stigma Out of Ambition

In a recent interview with Fast Company, Tory Burch discusses her campaign to remove the stigma of having ambition for female entrepreneurs. She discusses her evolution on ambition from the early days of her company’s launch when she shied away from the label “ambitious” because she saw it as a negative. Now she embraces it and has launched a campaign and a foundation to change the perception around ambition for women in business.

Read more about the interview here:


Building Better Trust Among Your Team Members

Trust is the cornerstone of any successful team. However, building trust can be a complicated process because it is non-linear. The dynamics that exist early in the team’s formation allow trust to build slowly but conflicts that arise along the way can set the trust level back. Because trust is constantly evolving, it is critical for the team leader to know how to manage those times when the team is at a trust crossroads.

Learn more about building trust in your company here:


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