I hope you your week is going well and that you have good plans for Halloween and the weekend coming up. In the meantime, our Do Good Spotlight is on Rocking the Boat, and here are stories that as a business owner I found interesting this week:


Do Good Spotlight on: Rocking the Boat

Suggested by Jennifer Hayoun, Spectrum Science: Rocking the Boat, a not-for-profit empowering young people from the South Bronx to develop self-confidence, set ambitious goals, and gain the skills necessary to achieve them. Students work together to build wooden boats, learn to row and sail, and restore local urban waterways, revitalizing their community while creating better lives for themselves. “Kids don’t just build boats, boats build kids.”

Rocking the Boat is committed to helping its participants: stay in high school until they graduate or receive an equivalency diploma; enroll in college or trade school and be prepared academically and emotionally to succeed there; develop technical skills such as sailing, boat handling, navigating, chart reading, carpentry, sample collection and testing, scientific observation, and recording data, all of which reinforce STEM concepts and put them into a practical context; and develop soft skills such as leadership, communication, teamwork, problem solving, and critical thinking. Owlthena donated and you can too.


  • Have you heard about the book “The Code of the Extraordinary Mind” by Vishen Lakhiani? I was scheduled to attend an EO event where he was speaking but needed to head to a new client meeting in Pittsburgh instead. I’ve heard great things about Vishen and his ideas so I got the audio book to make my trip more interesting. Glad I did. Lots of good tips about questioning what you believe to reframe key areas of your life to work better for you. I’ve got my homework to do and am seeing positive results already. You may want to check it out. Here’s a link to the book on Amazon (I used Amazon Smile—a portion of my purchases are donated by Amazon to my chosen charity).

I hope this week’s issue helped you as a business owner. Enjoy the rest of the week!