Jumping right into it this week:

  • Do you have any concerns about how the results of the election will affect your employees? You’re not alone if you do, this article from Harvard Business Review not only addresses the challenges but provides suggestions for managing through various scenarios that may unfold following November 3.
  • New research from Qualtrics shared by Fast Company about the effects of COVID work separations on employees’ health suggests furloughed workers are 37% more likely to suffer mental health issues than those who are laid off. Here’s more, with hopes you don’t need to enact either.
  • Are you overthinking something? This from Forbes may help. And if that doesn’t work, you can always try an Owlthena session.
  • I love a good list. This month’s Entrepreneur Magazine features its second annual “100 Powerful Women” list. Take a look.

Do Good Spotlight is on Charity: Water

We are big fans of this not-for-profit that is not just innovating how to get clean water to people where water is scarce. The technology they’re developing for purifying and repurposing water can help the rest of us as water becomes compromised all over the planet. We donated to Charity: Water this week and you can too.

We’re thinking of you and hope you are keeping your spirits up through what is, without a doubt, the most challenging year most of us have ever seen. Let us know if we can help you, and if you have a charity you’d like us to feature and support, please drop us a note on that. Stay well, stay strong.