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This week, we found some interesting articles to share including news about the cost of hiring toxic employees, leadership lessons from Google, and conquering a fear of public speaking.

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The Cost of Hiring Toxic Employees

We have all come across toxic people in our professional careers but a recent study by the Harvard Business School concludes that a bad worker can have a bigger impact that previously thought. In fact, the study found that hiring a toxic worker can have twice as much negative impact on your business than the positive effect from hiring a superstar worker. Toxic employees tend not only to cause disruption themselves, but they also often lead other workers to become negative as well, thus infecting the entire organization.

Read here to learn the true cost of toxic employees and how to avoid hiring them:


Leadership Lessons from Google

Over its 20-year history, Google has grown to one of the largest companies in the world. As the company has grown, they have put an emphasis on grooming leaders within their ranks to help guide the company through the constantly changing environment. Google has a strong track record of taking supremely talented people and turning them into elite managers.

Read about Google’s leadership philosophy here:


Conquering a Fear of Public Speaking

Public speaking can be an anxiety-inducing activity, even for the most confident of presenters. Even if you are an expert on your topic, it can be intimidating to share your knowledge and ideas with a room full of strangers. The key is to remember the audience is not your enemy and we are often our own worst critics. There are many strategies to help you find the confidence you need to deliver presentations with ease and authority.

Check out the tips here:


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