Halloween is just around the corner, does your team dress up? We don’t dress up but we leave early, lots of parents who want to get home to get the kids ready for parties and trick or treating fun. And then there’s lots of volunteered “extra” candy around for the weeks that follow!

Our Do Good Spotlight this week is on Ronald McDonald House of Central and Northern New Jersey. This organization was suggested to us by DBE’s clients at Princeton Nassau Pediatrics. This Friday, October 18th, Ronald McDonald House is hosting a fund raising casino night at the Westin in Forrestal Village, Princeton. Check it out on their website.

  • This article on Mashable caught my eye because I just assumed everyone using corporate email knew the boss (and admins) could read their emails. We have email policies that remind our employees of this fact. While this article is more about how Google can read your emails, it prompted me to ask how you’re protecting your company with the appropriate policies, and do your employees recognize you have the right to monitor their activities on your email system?
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  • Can you tell when someone is lying to you? According to best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell, you’re in a very small minority. We’re just not good at it, he says, because we’re wired to believe what we’re told. Here’s more on the author and his new book, Talking to Strangers.

Do Good Spotlight on: Ronald McDonald House of Central and Northern New Jersey 

Ronald McDonald House of Central and Northern New Jersey provides a true “home away from home” for seriously ill children receiving care at medical facilities near their locations in Long Branch and New Brunswick and their families. They also offer Family Rooms and a Hospitality Suite in the pediatric units of four hospitals in Monmouth and Middlesex County.

Their goal is to create an environment for families during a time of uncertainty and stress. Family members can stay together in a comfortable home with private rooms and many amenities, helping them to remain strong throughout the course of their child’s treatment.

We love this and thank DBE’s client Princeton Nassau Pediatrics for supporting such a great cause and suggesting this to us to feature as a true Do Good organization. We donated this week and would love it if you would support this cause too. Donate here.

I hope you enjoyed this issue. Please suggest charitable organizations for us to support like the team at Princeton Nassau Pediatrics did, and have a great rest of the week!