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We found some valuable information to share this week including articles about maintaining human connections in a digital world, leading with compassion, and avoiding productivity mistakes.

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Maintaining Human Connections in a Digital World

Although it may sometimes seem like we are constantly connected through texts, emails, and social media, new research suggests that businesses can suffer when the connections are predominately digital rather than direct, person-to-person contacts. Many employees view work as a social experience and a feeling of connectedness improves overall job satisfaction and employee productivity.

Learn more about why human connections are still crucial:


Jeff Weiner: Leading with Compassion

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner has a unique approach to running a multi-billion dollar tech company. In a recent interview with Oprah Winfrey, Weiner discusses the importance of being clear about your vision while still dreaming big. He explains how implementing core values, such as showing compassion for those around you from the top down, has given the company a tremendous competitive advantage.

Listen to the interview here:


Morning Productivity Mistakes to Avoid

We all have certain routines that we go through each morning to get ready for the day. However, some of these habits may be making us less productive. Here are 9 common productivity mistakes and suggestions for alternatives that will get your day started in a more effective way.

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