Welcome to this week’s What’s Hot Wednesday for Business Owners. The team at Owlthena found some great information to share on managing distractions when working from home, assessing your performance as a manager, and perspectives and advice from a successful entrepreneur.


Managing Distractions When Working From Home

The ability to connect digitally has given business owners and their employees tremendous flexibility. While it can lead to a happier, more productive team, working from home is not without its drawbacks. The primary challenge is the numerous distractions that come up when working from home versus working in the office.

Check out these strategies to avoid distractions when working from home: https://www.fastcompany.com/90258605/how-to-manage-your-biggest-distractions-when-working-from-home


Are You A Good Manager?

Many managers find it difficult to assess their own performance as a leader. The most obvious measure of success is whether or not the team is performing well and if are they continually improving. However, it is also important for managers to be able to evaluate their own ability to guide and develop their team.

Find out if you are a good manager by answering the questions here: https://qz.com/work/1447711/how-to-tell-if-youre-a-good-manager/


Brian Lee: Perspective and Advice from an Entrepreneur

In a recent video with Business Rockstars, Honest Company CEO Brian Lee discusses his journey as an entrepreneur and shares lessons he learned along the way. Lee defines an entrepreneur as someone who is a builder, leader, and creative problem solver. He also shares advice for fellow entrepreneurs including the value of consulting close teammates when your business hits a wall.

Watch the interview here:  https://www.entrepreneur.com/video/322700


While Brian Lee’s advice is solid, most business owners will at some point have an issue that you feel like you can’t discuss with anyone, not even with your close confidants. If you have a situation like this, feel free to schedule a session with our expert listeners to help you work through your challenge.