When can we get rid of this time change craziness? It’s killing me! Well, aside from that nonsense, here’s what we’re focused on at Owlthena this week:

  • Is it time to get rid of the progressive discipline process too? How effective is it really? Is it something managers do because “that’s how it’s done” and if so, is it time for an overhaul? This article from Fast Company thinks we need a rethink and I agree. I’m all for giving feedback and coaching people but the steps in the process can sometimes feel unkind and disingenuous. I’d love to get your thoughts on it.


Do Good Spotlight: Environmental Defense Fund

Since 1967 the EDF has been working to protect the environment through a series of initiatives teaming conservationists, scientists and law makers. The organization scores 4 out of 4 stars with Charity Navigator and its relentless work to keep our air, water, wildlife, and natural systems safe has prompted us to donate to the EDF this week. You can learn more about this organization here.


  • This article has a bit of controversy to it. It’s about the growing number of women who have started businesses “on the side” promoting the name “sidepreneurship.” At first I thought this was great news, I love entrepreneurs in whatever form they take, but the article raises the question that perhaps some, or many, of these women who aren’t jumping into business ownership with both feet are actually in need of the supplemental income of a second job and find sidepreneurship a better option than a second job working for someone else. That takes a little of the luster off their ventures as they lose some of the glory that goes with pioneering a venture out of passion and purpose rather than need. I’m conflicted. What do you think?
  • The world of work is full of so much experimenting these days. This article from The Wall Street Journal talks about the 5-hour workday and how some companies are finding it to be a boon to employee productivity. I’m not sure how this would work in the agency business where we have teams of people supporting clients whose hours are more like 8-10 hour days, so we wouldn’t be available for a large portion of time our clients themselves are working, but I can see it working in businesses where interpersonal interactions aren’t tied to specific hours of the work day/week. Here’s the article for you to read and think about in light of your business.

Well, here’s to adjusting to the time change for the next few months until we do it all over again in March. Enjoy the rest of the week!