This week, the Owlthena team is sharing interesting insights about the value of exercise, a lesson in taking responsibility for failures, and a guide to navigating conflict:


CEOs See the Benefits of Exercise

The benefits of consistent exercise for our physical health are well known but exercise also provides some additional, often-overlooked benefits. It’s been shown to improve cognitive ability and reduce the negative impacts of stress. Some of the busiest professionals will prioritize exercise at the top of their list because they know it improves their productivity.

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Former Google CEO: 8 Words All Leaders Need to Be Able to Say

In a recent interview, former Google CEO Eric Schmidt was asked about the failure of Google to succeed in social media. Many leaders only want to take credit for their successes and shift blame for failures. His answer provides a key lesson in leadership and the importance of taking responsibility for failures.

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Navigating Conflict

Conflict is an inevitable part of life and learning to navigate difficult situations is crucial for any executive. Knowing that we need to find our way through the challenges of the day sets us up for success when conflicts arise. Thinking that we need to fix everything sets us up for failure.

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