For the business owner in you, here are several stories and ideas to get you through this week:

  • From Aytekin Tank of JotForm, “The New Rule of Effective Leadership” talks about the transition from autocratic management to an approach that meets the four key needs of today’s workers as reported in a study by Harvard Business Review of over 19,000 respondents. Meeting these needs helps workers feel better and work more productively, and improves their performance overall. The four needs are: renewal (physical), value (emotional), focus (mental), and purpose (spiritual).
  • Here’s a piece from Ladders about women purposefully and without prompting complimenting each other more often in the workplace. Their goal is simply to provide encouragement. Terms like “gassing” and “bigging” are applied to these unprompted shout outs. Have you bigged? Has someone bigged you? What about the guys—have you been a part of this too? After reading this article it occurred to me I was seeing this but didn’t recognize it as part of a trend. What do you think?

Do Good Spotlight on: PSS

Are you familiar with PSS (Presbyterian Senior Services)? It’s a multi-service not-for-profit agency dedicated to strengthen the capacity of older New Yorkers, their families and communities to thrive. You can learn more about their passion for their mission and we made a donation to them this week to demonstrate our support.

  • Patti Sanchez is the Chief Strategy Officer at Duarte, Inc., the company that excels in creating persuasive presentations for global brands and causes. She wrote a piece for Harvard Business Review on the importance of empathy when you are leading an organization shift. It’s a short read with powerful thoughts.

I hope this week’s brief was helpful, and if you want to learn more about how Owlthena is helping business owners tackle key challenges, check out what our clients are saying.