How are you doing so far this week? I hope you’re feeling strong about how your prioritizing and moving through this week’s adventures! Today I have three stories to share: one on the power of urgency, another on clear and creative thinking, and a third on how people rationalize unethical behavior. And this week’s charitable organization in the spotlight is Charity: Water.

  • This first one is from Steve Eakin, founder of Startup Blackbelt writing for Entrepreneur, who talks about his sense of urgency and why he finds it to be a valuable business tool.
  • Here’s a smart piece in Make It by Marguerite Ward and Kathryn Dill on breaking out of linear thinking by creating a mind map for yourself. Investing in this simple, creative approach to thinking through challenges and opportunities is energizing and sure to spark some new ideas. I love its simplicity and hey, you can use colorful markers!


Non-Profit Spotlight: Charity: Water

Did you know Charity: Water was founded by Scott Harrison, a guy from New Jersey (born in Philly, grew up in Hunterdon County, NJ) ? This global not-for-profit is dedicated to improving technologies used for sourcing and purifying water. I’ve supported Charity Water for years for two main reasons: 1) We’re all united by our need for clean drinking water and 2) We’re all going to need the technologies Charity: Water and others are pioneering as drinkable water becomes more scarce and global populations rise. Oh, and climate change, can’t forget that. Charity: Water scores an impressive 91.16 on Charity Navigator’s 100-point scale (and scores 100% for transparency). Click on Charity: Water to learn more about the innovation brilliance of this organization and its amazing team of volunteers.


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