This week’s What’s Hot Wednesday for Business Owners shares three articles plus an added new feature, Not for Profit Spotlight, that showcases a charitable organization that we think deserves to be on your radar. Our first spotlight shines on Room to Read.

  • This article from The Cut caught our attention. The author, Otegha Uwagha, contradicts Linda Babcock’s research, detailed in her 2003 book, “Women Don’t Ask” with new research from 2017 showing women do ask for raises, they just don’t get them as often as men. How does the new research compare with your experiences as a business leader? 


Not for Profit Spotlight: Room to Read

Room to Read is dedicated to helping improve lives around the world by ensuring young children are taught to read and that girls stay in school through high school. Keeping girls in school improves their lives and those in their communities. Room to Read scores an impressive 92.92 (out of 100) on Charity Navigator’s scale. To learn more about Room to Read, its founder John Wood, and the global volunteers that bring his vision to life every day, visit And if you have questions, reach out to NJ chapter lead Nicole Smith here:


  • Do you expect your start-up to be acquired? Fifty-percent (50%) of your entrepreneurial chums think their businesses will be acquired, leaving the other 50% to think, “Not.” This Business Insider piece has the stats to show you what other start-up owners are thinking.

Please let me know what you think of our briefing this week and if Room to Read was new to you or an organization you were already familiar with.

Thanks and have a great rest of the week!