Well, I was enjoying the weather until we went all hot and muggy again! Time to hit the beach! But wait, we still have the rest of the week to wrap up. Here are a few stories I wanted to share with you before we get to the weekend:

  • Is there a perfectionist streak causing you issues? This article by Melody Wilding has lots of great tips for regaining control and positivity, including the “Woop” method which is memorable and easy to do


Do Good Spotlight: Kiva

If you’ve seen my LinkedIn posts, you’ll know I was very excited to receive a gift certificate of $100 as a thank you from someone I’d helped. But this was no ordinary gift certificate. It was a pre-paid “loan voucher” that enabled me to loan other businesses $100, in $25 increments, to help them achieve their goals. I “donated” my loans to a mix of small businesses. This was such a wonderful gift I wanted to share it in this week’s Do Good Spotlight. Do you know someone who would appreciate the gift of helping another business with a micro loan? Learn more here at Kiva. I was so happy with this, I made an extra donation to Kiva to support them.


  • Microsoft doesn’t allow its employees to use Slack. There are a few reasons…check them out here
  • Which generation is statistically likely to have your most loyal workers? I bet you know the answer already, but do you know why? Check out this article from LinkedIn Pulse by Kasper Hulthin and let me know if you agree. For me, it’s been a mix, I think what constitutes loyalty is much more a give and take these days…
  • I can’t stand waste of any kind. So this article on companies that are reducing food waste grabbed my attention:. What do you think?


Well, it’s a wrap. I hope this week’s What’s Hot Wednesday for Business Owners got you thinking in new directions. Please let me know how you’re doing and enjoy the rest of June!