This week’s edition includes information about training your team members to be leaders, the process of learning from failure, and the surprising power of questions.

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  • Training Your Team To Be Leaders

Business owners tend to take on the most important responsibilities in their companies themselves. However, it is important to have people ready to step in your shoes to help out when you are out of the office for an important meeting or taking a well-deserved vacation. Businesses need to have leaders to help them grow and thrive and it is crucial for a company to promote talent and nurture the next generation of leaders.

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  • Learning from Failure

Failure is a part of life and all business owners can expect setbacks to occur at some point. The key to managing failure is to treat it is a learning experience so mistakes don’t get repeated. A failure can also be a symptom of a much larger problem that can worsen if not addressed. Recently Google described its internal process for documenting and learning from mistakes; what they shared holds lessons that may help you, too.

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  • How to Ask Great Questions

Business owners spend a significant amount of time asking others for information from requesting status updates from the team or questioning a counterpart in a negotiation. While questioning is an important skill for all executives to have, it is often overlooked as a skill to hone and perfect. Questioning is a powerful tool to spur learning, the exchange of ideas, fuel innovation, and improve performance.

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