I hope your week has been great so far.  Here are a few items we found to help spark new ideas for improving business and how you get things done:

  • Is there a way you can apply “organizational analytics” to your business for better employee retention? This article from the NY Times talks about work done by an internal team at Microsoft to use data to find insights into what drove employees to quit, move around the organization, or be super engaged where they were. Not the same old same old here, some interesting insights for business owners, including how employees tend to mimic the work/life balance of their bosses (and that’s often not a good thing).
  • How up to date are you on trademark law? Here’s a refresher from Inc. on what you need to know if you’re launching businesses, products, service lines, and more.


Do Good Spotlight on: GoFundMe.com

Are you familiar with GoFundMe.com? it’s a platform that allows people to raise money for all kinds of causes. Many people assume the platform takes a percentage of money raised, but that’s not true. The platform is free to use and takes no money from the people using it to raise funds. Money can be raised for individuals, charities, and other causes. Here’s an example of a GoFundMe campaign for Joe Kochberg, a member of the digital marketing community who has fallen ill and whose family is using GoFundMe to cover medical expenses.  We donated this week to Joe’s family as part of our Do Good Spotlight support. And you can donate to GoFundMe itself to help it keep doing good. We donated to that, too.


  • Does this story sound familiar? Are your managers following IT protocols or experimenting on the side in the interests of hitting goals? This story is more for raising questions than solutions, but I found the compromise suggestions interesting.
  • Are your HR and Finance teams strategic partners, helping to grow your business? This article from HCM Tech says the answer may be “No.” Much of the gap is due to how talent data is being mined and leveraged.

Was this brief helpful? Would love to hear what you think of these. And remember, if you find yourself stuck in cloudy thinking on a business opportunity or challenge, a one-time, one-hour, 1:1 video chat with me, Owlthena’s Chief Listening Officer may be your fasted path to clearer thinking.