I hope you’re having a great week. I’m getting a lot done and feeling very productive. There’s a bit of a theme to this week’s stories–see if you can see the pattern. And the Do Good Spotlight for this issue focuses on an organization that’s a little different from the big ones we usually feature…

  • Want to boost your energy and feel better? According to this NPR piece, the answer is pretty easy: talk with a stranger. I’ve been experimenting with this on my morning walks around Princeton and guess what—it works!
  • Have you heard about bleisure travel? Proponents say combining business and leisure travel in the same trip creates a better work-life balance. The concept is growing quickly as revealed in National Car Rental’s second annual State of the Business Travel Industry Survey. The survey found the uptake of bleisure travel crosses generations with 90% of millennials engaging in bleisure travel in the past year as well as 81% of Generation Xers and 80% of baby boomers. Here’s a story from Travel Pulse with more.


Do Good Spotlight: Crayons to Classrooms

Usually we spotlight national or international charities, or sometimes one local to our NJ HQ. Today’s spotlight is on a very local charity based in Dayton, Ohio, serving the needs of 100 schools and their teachers in the surrounding areas of the state. Founded in 2006, Crayons to Classrooms helps enhance readiness to learn of all students in the Greater Dayton, Ohio region by providing them school supplies that are essential to academic success—at no cost to the students’ teachers, schools, or families.

We first learned about Crayons to Classrooms on Charity Navigator. They have outstanding ratings across the board and have earned a GuideStar’s Platinum Seal of Transparency by voluntarily sharing the measures of progress and results they use to pursue their mission. You know we donate to the not-for-profits we feature here, so we happily donated to Crayons to Classrooms to help them get the new school year off to a great start.

How about you? And are there not-for-profits you’d like us to feature here in coming weeks? Please share.


  • Business owners are often so focused on “now” that they don’t plan for “then.” This story caught my attention for us. It’s about several apps that allow people to take selfies that get morphed into projected images of their future selves. The thinking behind it is that when you can see your future self, you’ll do things now with your investments to take better care of them (you) in the future. While the article’s focus is on young people saving for their futures, I wondered if it would help harried business owners do some future visioning of our own. Intrigued? Here’s the story.

Thanks for reading this Week’s What’s Hot Wednesday for Business Owners. If you’ve got ideas for stories or do gooders to cover, please let me know.