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This week’s edition includes information about the importance of sleep to productivity, strategies on staying focused, and the value in seeking outside opinions.

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The Importance of Sleep

A common misconception when you are a business owner is that you need to sacrifice sleep to get more done. The thinking on this has evolved and the latest insights suggest that sleep is integral to every role you assume in your professional and private life. Some of the benefits to making sure you get an adequate amount of rest include an uplift in mood, increased creativity, and enhanced productivity.

Read more here:  https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/316282


40 Entrepreneurs Share Strategies to Stay Focused

One of the greatest challenges we all face is staying focused in a world filled with distractions. It is especially difficult for business owners who often feel like they need to be on call 24/7 and are constantly pulled in many different directions. Here is a slideshow featuring advice from 40 entrepreneurs sharing their strategies for staying focused.

Read more here:  https://www.entrepreneur.com/slideshow/286302


The Value of Seeking Outside Opinions

In order to be a better leader and make better decisions, it is important to seek the opinion of people outside of your immediate circle. An outsider’s perspective can breathe fresh life and insight into your thinking. Seeing things from a different point-of-view can help you to recognize opportunities for change and gain strategic advantage.

Read more here:  https://www.inc.com/james-kerr/seeking-outside-perspectives-isnt-a-sign-of-weakness-its-smart-leadership-heres-why.html


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