Welcome to this week’s What’s Hot Wednesday for Business Owners. The team at Owlthena has found some great information on following through with resolutions, the joy of missing out, and public speaking skills as keys to professional success.


Following Through on Resolutions

Many of us make New Year’s resolutions only to have them fade from memory throughout the year. Resolutions are chances to grow as a person and if you don’t really know who you are or the reason behind your goals you probably won’t stick to them. As with many things in life, keeping resolutions often requires help from friends and family to keep you on track.

Read here to find four ways to follow through on New Year’s resolutions:  https://www.success.com/self-aware-ways-to-follow-through-on-your-resolutions/


CEO of Basecamp: The Joy of Missing Out

With the ability to see what others are doing, often in real-time, it can create a phenomenon called the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO). Rather than being content with what we have or even realizing that we are happy with what we are doing, many of us benchmark ourselves against others and assume that the grass is greener. Basecamp CEO Jason Fried operates his company from the opposite mindset, the “Joy of Missing Out” and he has been extremely successful because of it.

Click here to learn about Jason Fried’s philosophy: https://www.fridayfwd.com/missing-out/


Key to Success is Public Speaking Skills

In the past, public speaking has been viewed as a soft skill that complements other skills necessary for business success. That mindset is being challenged in a world that is increasingly built on ideas and those with the ability to persuade others are now recognized as having a competitive edge.

Learn more about why public speaking is an important hard skill:  https://www.inc.com/carmine-gallo/public-speaking-is-no-longer-a-soft-skill-its-your-key-to-success-in-any-field.html

We hope you enjoyed this week’s briefing. Feel free to reach out with anything you would like to discuss and have a great rest of the day!