Welcome to this week’s What’s Hot Wednesday for Business Owners. The team at Owlthena found some great information to share on how to prepare for things going off track, advice on how to lead in crisis from Howard Schultz, and the importance of enjoying yourself while seeking business success.


Pivoting After a Setback

Most business owners have well-thought-out plans, but it’s important to have a plan for when things go off the rails, because at some point, they will. The successful leader does everything they can to avoid trouble before it happens, then acts with agility and confidence when things go awry. If you apply these suggested tips, you’ll find that you can navigate the rough waters of entrepreneurship with confidence. Here’s just one of many tips:

To quote marketer Seth Godin, “Not deciding is usually the wrong decision. If you are the go-to person, the one who can decide, you’ll make more of a difference. It doesn’t matter so much that you’re right; it matters that you decided.”


Howard Schultz: How to Be a Leader in a Crisis

Although he is in the news this week for considering a run for the presidency, Howard Schultz is best known for his leadership skills as the former CEO of Starbucks. Recently, Schultz shared his business insights in the first of a series on lessons in leadership that he is teaching on MasterClass called “Real Leadership: What Do You Do In A Crisis.”

Find out about Schultz’s leadership strategy and watch a clip from the MasterClass segment here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/vickyvalet/2019/01/24/howard-schultz-teaches-you-how-to-be-a-leader-in-a-crisis/#41f1f5623da7


Are You Enjoying the Pursuit of Business Success?

A major key to success and a healthy life is to enjoy yourself during the process of whatever you are trying to accomplish. Unfortunately, enjoyment is something that many people leave by the wayside – especially when change is taking place at a tremendous rate and the pressure is on to reinvent yourself and achieve new goals.

Read more about the importance of enjoying the journey:  https://www.success.com/are-you-enjoying-the-process-on-your-way-to-success/


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