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This week articles include thoughts on the value of asking for help, Oprah Winfrey’s strategy for leading effective meetings, and defining success on your own terms.


The Best Leaders Aren’t Afraid to Ask for Help

Leaders balance pressure, complexity, and drive on a daily basis. This can create the sense that we need to be super-human, and the misperception that being human will be seen as a weakness. For our own health as well as the health of our companies, it’s essential for leaders to acknowledge the reality that—like everyone else—we have weaknesses and we need help. Asking for help when you need it can be one of the best things you can do for yourself and your team.

Read here about the value of showing some vulnerability in your leadership:


Oprah Winfrey: Strategy for Effective Meetings

Meetings are crucial to accomplishing business goals, but meetings that get off to a slow start rarely recover. Oprah Winfrey asks three important questions at the beginning of every meeting to focus attendees on what is important.

Find out the 3 questions Oprah asks at the beginning of every meeting and think how you may be able to apply them to your business:


Defining Success on Your Own Terms

How we view success is often limited by someone else’s definition. We feel badly when we haven’t measured up to an external standard. In doing so, we rob ourselves of the opportunity to define and appreciate our unique experiences and how they impact our lives for the better.

Here are ways to determine what success means for you:


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