Before we get into this week’s topics, I’d like to share my latest blog post titled “A New Kind of Coaching for the Gig Economy.” This post focuses on why Owlthena is a particularly great resource to discuss workplace challenges for business owners of small companies, independent contractors, or anyone who is part of the “gig economy.”

The news and info that my team and I most want to share this week including a Fast Company article on managing goals according to your personality type, 10 leadership books for 2019, and getting productive feedback as a leader:


Managing Goals According to Personality Type

A person with a hard-charging, type A personality needs a drastically different approach to setting and achieving goals than someone who is methodical and analytical. Here are some valuable tips for setting yourself up for success based on your personality traits:


Leadership Books for the New Year

New year–fresh ideas. Wharton professor and author Adam Grant compiled a list of 10 new books on leadership to provide some new and thought-provoking options.

Check out the list of leadership books here:


Getting Productive Feedback

The feedback leaders receive can be infrequent, vague, or unrelated to specific behaviors. When delivered thoughtfully, however, feedback can provide leaders with the actionable data they need to become more effective. Here are some ideas for asking for—and getting–productive feedback:


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