Here are a few stories that have the Owlthena reflecting and sharing this week that we think you’ll like too:

  • From Fast Company, it’s the 2019 list of the 50 most innovative companies. Seriously, this is a list you won’t want to miss. Lots of food tech, apps, and companies focused on solutions to streamline living healthier or less stressed—or both. Check ‘em out and let the new ideas flow!
  • The idea of a four-day work week isn’t new, but here’s an article from Business Insider detailing the results of a study conducted in New Zealand. What do you think, would this help or hurt your company? Are you experimenting already? Please share…
  • And here’s an article from Nicolas Cole (@Nicolascole77) for Inc. talking about 7 wisdoms we’d be better off learning sooner rather than later.

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