I hope you’re having a great week so far. Here’s this week’s What’ Hot Wednesday for Business Owners to help you get through Hump Day:


  • Is there a formula for success? Physicists think they’ve found it. Here’s an article by Jessica Stillman for Inc. Magazine where the formula is discussed. Warning: it’s very real. As in Reese Witherspoon telling her daughter she (her daughter) is not good at something and asking, “Is it mean, or is it true?” I loved this article, it made me think!
  • Is it time for start-ups to put aside the “build it then worry about it” mindset? Hemant Taneja of VC firm General Catalyst thinks so and writes about it for Harvard Business Review.
  • I’m a big fan of podcasts and audio books; they make my commute more pleasant and productive. Here’s a series by Susan Michel of Glen Eagle Advisors featuring women who overcome obstacles to achieve success on their own terms. It’s called, “Women’s Wealth: The Middle Way”.