Come on 2021!

I will be cheering in the new year come 1/1/21 like never before.

But while we’re still making our way through 2020, here are a few pieces that I want to share with you as part of Owlthena’s business-leader audience. There’s no pattern that I can see, just random stories that I found interesting, but if you see a pattern, let me know!

  • Advice from two great thinkers in one Medium post by Michael Thompson. Thompson talks about making decisions without overthinking, echoing advice from Malcolm Gladwell and one of his heroes, Albert O. Hirschman.

  • The Wall Street Journal’s Peggy Noonan has a great roundup of people being grateful to other people. Good feels.

  • More on the need to get gender bias out of our AI systems.

  • Is your CMO getting the access they need to board and why does it matter? According to research from Deloitte, only 26% of CMOs are invited to attend board meetings regularly. Think with Google shares thoughts on CMO transformation for the next normal. Does this insight help with your marketing planning and the weight it needs to have in your organization? (If you want a summary version, here’s a slide show with highlights from the article:

  • This is just, well, really cool. Have you heard of protein folding? No, it’s not a new weight loss trend. It’s how AI is being used to speed up drug discovery. Check it out here in Tech Crunch.

Do Good Spotlight: Bucks for Kids

I attended a fund raiser held by 100 Women Who Care of Bucks County last week. (Thanks Suzanne Caimi Lynn for telling me about this group.) Each quarter, 100 Women invites 3 not-for-profits to tell their story and then the attendees vote on which 1 receives the cash award, which equates to about $100 per member. This quarter, 3 organizations were featured, and Bucks for Kids was the winner. So DBE/Owlthena contributed to this cause via the group, and we loved what we heard so much we made an additional donation. Here’s where you can learn more about this organization and how to help.

In addition, the two other organizations that were featured were impressive too (Peace Center and Amy’s Kisses), and we’ll be featuring each of them in upcoming issues.

Raise your glass (none of my business what’s in it) to a smooth slide into the weekend.