Before we get into this week’s topics, I’d like to share my latest blog post titled “The Fastest Path from Agh!#@! to Ah-Ha.” This post focuses on the innovative approach we at Owlthena take to helping business owners work through challenges and opportunities that benefit by “talking them out” in a single coaching session. Pretty amazing stuff!

Now to this week’s topics… how to develop executive presence for introverts, 7 TED Talks for entrepreneurs, and ways to eliminate drama.


Executive Presence for Introverts

It is not uncommon in the business world to find extremely smart, talented people who are overlooked for promotions because they lack “executive presence.” For an introvert, developing that presence can often take them way outside their comfort zone. Find some valuable tips on developing executive presence outlined here:


7 TED Talks Every Entrepreneur Must Watch

TED Talks are a great way to explore personal, important stories on a variety of topics. In a recent blog post, author and entrepreneur Mike Michalowicz shared his list of favorite TED talks that promote ideas all business owners can benefit from.

Check out the list of TED Talks here:


How Highly Effective People Eliminate Drama

While it is natural to feel a sense of indignation when encountering a frustrating person or situation, reacting immediately rarely helps the situation. Most situations will turn out better if you give yourself some space for reflection, so you can craft a more measured response.

Read here to find out how to eliminate drama:


Thank you for checking out this week’s briefing; we hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to reach out with anything you would like to discuss and have a great rest of the day!