This is the last What’s Hot Wednesday for Business Owners for 2019. The Owlthena team is taking some time off to enjoy the holiday season with our friends and families. So this brief is not so brief, we’ve got a few additional stories that we wanted to share before we sign off for the holidays.

Here we go:

  • Have you heard about the LinkedIn Economic Graph project? It’s an initiative started by LinkedIn and its founder, Reid Hoffman, to align the resumes and talents of billions of workers around the world with job opportunities that are a fit for them (and vice versa). Right now there’s a test being conducted in Arizona to align people with “gig economy” jobs. You can learn more about the Economic Graphic in its December 2019 report.
  • Why do some people just seem to be lucky, with so much going their way, and others…not? Scientists now think its partially a factor of dopamine, one of the “happy hormones.” But wait, there’s more. It’s not just about dopamine levels but where in our brains it’s firing. Right, where in our brains is the key. Read about this breakthrough discovery here.
  • Just in time for the holidays: for all the CEO moms out there and the people who love them. This book, “My Mom is a CEO” was written by Cassandra Bailey, a successful business owner and member of EO (Entrepreneurs Organization). It’s the first title in her series of books for small children to help explain what their professional moms do when they’re not with their families. Cassandra wrote the books to help kids understand mom’s absence and what makes her the full person that she is. Other titles in the series so far are: “My Mom is a Lawyer” and “My Mom is an Executive Director.” You can learn more about Cassandra and her books here.


Do Good Spotlight: Passage Theater

Supporting the arts continues to be a key value for Owlthena and our parent company, Digital Brand Expressions. And supporting the arts in areas where they bring added value to the surrounding communities is even more special. That’s why this week we donated to The Passage Theatre of Trenton with a shout out to Pat Rodeawald and the rest of the Passage Theater board for their relentless work to bring great theater to downtown Trenton. This weekend’s performance of David Sedaris’ Santaland Diaries was a great way to laugh into full holiday spirit. We donated to the theater and you can too.


  • This one is long, and you need to stick with it to get the real value of the perspectives on how to motivate employees, but it is worth the read. The article explores where motivation comes from and what employers can do to leverage that impulse in employees who are seeking certain factors. A key takeaway, “The opposite of job dissatisfaction isn’t job satisfaction, but rather an absence of job dissatisfaction.” Why this is important will become clear if you venture into this post. Enjoy!

Thank you for being a part of the Owlthena network. We wish you, your family, and all you hold dear a wonderful holiday season and a magnificent 2020! See you next year!