Let’s stay on the positive notes of this week as vaccines roll out and the December holidays wrap us in their good cheer!

Here are a few stories that I read with great interest and wanted to share with you:

  • This story’s headline caught my attention because I’m helping someone in my life learn not to take things personally. I’ve recommended to them, and I’ll recommend to you, if you haven’t read “The Four Agreements,” you may find its net/net approach to making your life better with a compact set of 4 “go to” mantras to remind yourself of the 4 simple tenets. Building on the agreement not to take things personally, this article’s headline drew me in: “6 Psychological Reasons Why You Take Things Too Personally.” The author, Nick Wignall, is a psychologist and what he shares is absolutely brilliant. So even if you’ve evolved out of taking things personally, this might be a good share for someone in your (personal or professional) life who needs a push to get on this super highway to a better life.
  • Do you have a process for making tough decisions? Former President Barack Obama shares his in this post, also from Medium, about the framework he created to balance the managing of his roles as president and father. I enjoyed the perspectives.
  • Why do good people do bad things? Great question, and Dr. Travis Bradberry has answers in his LinkedIn Pulse piece. While some of this is content you’re likely to have seen before, the packaging up of the perspective is well done and may be helpful in understanding behaviors that aren’t what you expect from others.

Do Good Spotlight on: Peace Center

I mentioned Peace Center last week, and this week they’re our not-for-profit of focus. The organization exists to empower and support individuals and organizations in efforts to prevent violence, promote the peaceful resolution of conflict and foster inclusive, equitable, and safe communities on a local, national, and global basis. You can learn more about Peace Center and donate if their mission resonates with yours here.

Wishing you a safe rest of the week, let’s make the end of 2020 a time of reflection so we can hit 2021 with the optimism it deserves!