Here’s this week’s What’s Hot Wednesday, your news briefing from the Owlthena, the single-session coaching solution for today’s business owners. This week articles include thoughts on the value of keeping your ego in check, Inc. Magazine’s list of most influential companies of the year, and fears business owners need to overcome to be successful.


Ego is the Enemy of Good Leadership

The higher leaders rise in the ranks, the more they are at risk of getting an inflated ego. And the bigger their ego, the more likely they are to be insulated in a bubble, losing touch with their colleagues, the culture, and other stakeholders.  Read how to keep egos in check:


Inc Magazine: 14 Most Interesting and Influential Companies of 2018

Inc. Magazine compiled its list of 14 contenders for their Company of the Year award. The list includes influential companies such as Patagonia, 23andMe, and Netflix.  Each one distinguished themselves in their respective industries during 2018.

Check out the entire list and find out who was named Company of the Year:


Overcoming Fears

While it is a natural human response to feel fear in certain situations, fear can also hold us back if we let it. This is especially true for entrepreneurs who face a variety of challenges each day. It is important to confront our fears, so they don’t consume us. Here are ways to move beyond them:


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