If you’re like everyone else I’ve talked with, you’re shocked that it’s almost the end of the year. But won’t it be fun to say “2020” for a whole year? For now, we’ve got the first of our last two What’s Hot Wednesday’s for 2019 (no issue on 12/25) to share with you:

  • George Anders, Senior Editor at LinkedIn, did a fun post on the hits and misses from their predictions in 2018 for 2019. It’s a fun read, lots of links to featured info, and interesting in what they got right and got wrong. I wasn’t surprised about the western world not being ready for insects, I must say. There are other surprises though.
  • Stand-up desk not progressive enough for you? What do you think about this nap under your desk innovation?
  • Did you know our brains clean themselves? Well, scientists only learned that about seven years ago! And here’s a bunch of other info about why, once again, say it with me, “We need sleep to succeed!”


Do Good Spotlight: Polaris

Do you know how human trafficking has become so successful? Did you know it’s more lucrative for organized crime than drugs? This article, shared by friend of DBE Jeanne Grunert , does an excellent job of helping us see what to look for, how to protect children and teens, and how to report suspicious activity. It also points to a not for profit we really believe in: Polaris, which helps victims of human trafficking re-enter normal life and heal. It also does a lot to educate the rest of us on how prevalent this problem is and how to see the signs because, frankly, this problem is all around us. Here’s a link to Polaris, which is also in the article.


  • This article shares insights from a Harvard study on how successful people make small talk. It’s vital for us business networkers and also just in time for all those holiday social gatherings. Shout out to Rod Hughes for sharing this one.

Reach out if you’d like to talk about any of these stories or the great work Polaris is doing and what you and your organization can do to combat human trafficking. And enjoy the rest of the week!