I hope your summer has been truly wonderful and provided opportunities for growth, reflection, and renewal. Mine certainly has.

I’ve been restructuring my core business, Digital Brand Expressions, to better allocate my time between it and Owlthena, which is newer and more reliant on my personal attention right now.

This time of year, when the humidity breaks, the mornings come a bit later, the sun sets a little sooner; just before all the back-to-school hum starts up and people return to work full of energy and new ideas, I like to take a step back to quietly reflect on what’s happened so far this year and what I’d like to accomplish by its end.

I’m very pleased with Owlthena and how it is filling a special need for business owners who, by the nature of their roles, often have issues that they cannot share with others. They need to be able to talk it out–but not have someone else solve–issues weighing on their minds. Owlthena is a service that wouldn’t have been possible before the advent of video chat and the growing awareness of our human need to be heard—even if sometimes the person you need to hear you is, well, you.

I’m excited about the connections I’ve been making this year with other business leaders who are focused on expanding business goals to include community and environment improvements, actively working to make the world a better place using their businesses as platforms for change. With all the ugliness in the news, I am constantly renewed at the grassroots level by people who are finding their niche and causing a ripple effect with the good they’re doing. If we all keep doing that, those ripples become waves. Thank you to the people who are doing good out there.

I’m grateful for the coaching I’ve gotten throughout this year. It’s helped me reset and refocus my energy on goals that matter to me. Business is tough, no doubt about it, and when I look around me and see all kinds of people doing their thing, making it happen, driving forward despite their challenges, I can’t help but be awed, inspired, and re-motivated to keep going strong too.

This refreshing of perspective has many sources. One I rediscovered this year is live performance. Seeing people come together to create a shared experience through their talents–writing, acting, music, dancing–make me appreciate humanity, our challenges and our triumphs, all the more. With a nod to the performance creatives and the people who co-create their stages, our do-good spotlight this week is on McCarter Theater:


Do Good Spotlight: McCarter Theater

McCarter is a world-class theater, presenting top notch performances for the engagement, education, and entertainment of the surrounding community. The shows are stimulating, diverse, and, thought-provoking. An independent, non-profit regional theater, McCarter is located in the heart of the new Princeton University Arts District and provides programs all over Princeton, Trenton, and throughout central New Jersey. As with all of our Do Good Spotlight organizations, I donated to this organization and invite you to consider donating to McCarter or a theater in your community.


I hope these last few days of summer are all that you want them to be. Enjoy the long Labor Day weekend and I’ll “see you in September!”