The summer of 2020 has left us now that school is back in session, and though the warm weather lingers, there’s a bit of autumn crisp in the air. I personally like to spend time in those last two weeks of August reflecting and planning, and this year was no different. I’ve mentioned I’m a fan of the Calm app and I want to share this snippet from an interview by Steve Goldbloom with Guy Kawasaki to encourage you as we work on working through the tail end of this year, remember to “Say ‘Yes!’”

Guy Kawasaki: “Over the course of my career many of those people who were at one point a reporter for the Milpitas Gazette they eventually ended up being the west coast editor of The Wall Street Journal and guess what, they remembered when I said ‘Yes’ when they were from the Milpitas Gazette. So if you keep saying ‘Yes’ at least there’s always that optionality, there’s always that next step, there’s always that one more thing [that] could happen.”

Seth Goldbloom: “Well for me it always comes back to [the] central question, ‘What am I afraid of?’ Why do you think we refrain from being more open?”

Guy Kawasaki: “I think we refrain from being more open because we are afraid of being taken advantage of and so there are some people who live life trying to avoid being taken advantage of. There are other people in life who try to maximize what the opportunities are. And so if you want to maximize opportunities you default to ‘Yes.’ If you want to never be taken advantage of then you default to ‘No.’”

And now, here are a few stories that I want to share with my business-owner community:

  • People Magazine just released a list of “50 companies that care” and are getting it right during 2020 and COVID. It’s a great list filled with inspiring ideas that make you feel a bit better about the world around us.
  • Have you listened to Jessi Hempel’s podcast “Hello Monday” with Baratunde Thurston on Refining Your Voice yet? If you struggle with what you want to be known for and how to put messages out there that build your brand, this podcast has your name on it!
  • Lots of info coming at all of us about how to bring employees back to work safely and mitigate risk for employer liability at the same time. I liked this article from Inc. on this topic.

Do Good Spotlight: Brielle’s Butterflies

Brielle’s Butterflies’ mission is to support families who have been impacted by pediatric cancer in honor of the founder’s daughter, Brielle. So beautiful when a family turns their tragedy into a way to help others. We love their story, so we donated in support. Thanks to Michelle Perkel for telling us about this organization. Learn more here.

I hope your short-week goes well and that you experience that renewal of energy that often comes following Labor Day! I’m feeling the rush! Enjoy the rest of the week.