Well, at least the weather has been better…and here are a few stories that I wanted to share simply because they were a little mind expanding. Here you go!

  • Last week I shared info on self-care and how important it is to keep up your strength and focus. But did you know there are 8 types of self-care? Me neither. So here’s what I learned about that.

Do Good Spotlight:  One Love Animal Rescue

This week’s spotlight not-for-profit was suggested by Michelle Perkel. One Love Animal Rescue takes in homeless animals, nurtures them through foster care, and places them in permanent loving homes. How great is that? We donated to help them keep doing what they do best. Here’s how you can learn more and provide support too.

I hope the rest of your week brings good news. Remember to make time for yourself, give yourself an hour or two to step back and rethink. It’s a great exercise and I’ve always found it to be a great investment, regardless of what’s going on around me.