How are you managing through the turmoil? Are you taking time for self-care? As the old expression goes, if you don’t think you have time for 20 minutes of self-care, take 40!

To help you stay focused and take the time you need as a business leader to reflect, assess, and reshape your plans in real time, this week’s items are shared because I found them very helpful for taking a step back to take several steps forward:

  • Having a hard time concentrating? This article from Inc. by psychologist Minda Zetlin helps you frame the problem (it’s not just you!) and offers a variety of tips for regaining your focus.

  • Robert Glazer’s Friday Forward this past Friday caught my attention because he says that today’s leaders need to find ways to be both introverted and extroverted based on the situation. While he admits you won’t be able to change your basic wiring, you can become more of an ambivert (expressing both modes) by being more aware of what the people you lead need from you in various situations. It’s his idea, so here’s more straight from the source.

  • Have you heard about GitLab? They’ve mastered both the art and science of remote work over the last 6 years. You will want to read this from the Harvard Business Review. It’s a little heavy, so maybe read it after that first cup of coffee, but before you go to your desk. It shows how GitLab has reduced the need for video meetings while improving productivity and communications with its global workforce. Nice to get a leg up on remote working from a company that’s been doing it successfully for a while.

Do Good Spotlight: Fire Fighters and Others Combatting West Coast Fires

Typically we choose one organization to feature here, but this list from the Mercury News caught our attention. If you want to help those fighting the blazes out west, here’s a great list of organizations that are pitching in that you can support. We chose Meals of Gratitude, which sends meals to firefighters, evacuees and volunteer frontline support. We supported them with a cash donation. Which of these do-gooders will get your support this week?

Remember, if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by your responsibilities as a business owner, and find yourself stuck, unable to take the next step on a particular challenge or opportunity, let’s talk. We all face these kinds of challenges from time to time and having an outlet for getting these thoughts out of your head so you can listen to yourself is vital to your success. Owlthena is a different approach to helping business owners literally hear themselves. And instead of ongoing coaching, all it takes is a one-time, one-hour, 1:1 (you and me) video chat.

During our session, you will have my undivided attention and I will quickly help you identify what’s really blocking your next move and help you mindfully reposition to take action. We won’t solve all your problems in that hour, but we will get you to see the situation more clearly so you can take the next step from which all your other steps will flow. It’s a cool process that has been 100% successful with other business owners, so if are thinking in circles, let me help you set yourself straight. Click here to set up an appointment.

And please take care of yourself as we work through the work week. Stay well, stay focused, and stay strong–for you and those who depend on you! And I’m here if you need me.