How is your week going? 3 weeks from now is 4th of July…does that blow your mind? It does mine!

While not necessarily mind blowing, these articles I’m sharing this week helped me see things from different perspectives; I hope they do the same for you:

  • How well do you do when negotiating through digital means: email, video chat, etc.? How do you think the people with whom you’re negotiating would answer? This eye-opening piece by Hal Movius for Harvard Business Review not only provides stats on negotiating winners and, um, losers, but how to get better at planning virtual negotiation sessions.
  • Have you thought about using Google Trends for insights for your business? Product development? Social trends? Emerging opportunities? This article from Search Engine Watch was surfaced by the marketers at Owlthena’s parent company, Digital Brand Expressions, and we shared it this week with DBE’s audience. But I think it has applications for you as a business owner/manager too, so I invite you to take a read.
  • If you work in an office and are considering the factors for getting your team working together safely in close quarters, check out this article in Fast Company about the indoor factor not enough people are talking about: humidity. I like this read.

Do Good Spotlight:  Live Free USA

We were looking for an organization to support this week and discovered a page on the Ben & Jerry’s website featuring organizations working for racial justice. Here’s the whole list. And here’s the organization we chose to feature this week, It’s working to bring about racial equality and justice through multiple means, including a focus on helping individuals learn how to make peaceful, positive change starting with themselves. The organization was founded by people of faith whose vision is to bring about change by leveraging the power of the over 118 million people who attend weekly religious services in the US. We like what they are about, we love their “Masks for the People” campaign and the other work they are doing, and we made a donation to help them further their good works. Perhaps you want to support them too?

As always, we hope this week’s issue pointed you to thought-provoking and inspiring content to keep you going and growing. Stay well, stay safe, stay strong!