How’s your week going so far? Well, we hope this briefing makes it a little better! This is what caught my attention this week that I wanted to share, business owner to business owner:

  • As companies explore what “getting back to work in the office” looks like, McKinsey offers this article with four practices to help engage employees during a return to work. These practices are designed to build trust and a sense of purpose for the long term. One of them is “Mark the transition: Recognize the power of ritual.” Read it here.

  • It’s a catchy phrase for a real condition that’s not about having the virus itself…”Covid Brain” as defined by the neuroscientists Hilke Plassmann and Benjamin Kessler is the result of the prefrontal cortex being swamped with information that it cannot decipher. Meanwhile the long-term memory area of our brain is digging, digging, digging trying to find a comparable situation and to surface how we handled it before. Zero results. So then we look outwards for info, and you know how crystal clear that has been (sarcasm alert). The resulting lack of workable info puts our brains in a state of confusion and edginess. That’s the layperson’s take on this very smart article by Jessica Stillman for Inc.

  • You know, I almost blew right past the opportunity to share this very astute article on micro-stressors with you because I thought, “Oh, not another de-stressing article” (maybe like you’re thinking right now? 😊). But the chart after the first few paragraphs grabbed my attention, and I was hooked, so I’m sharing! This piece by Rob Cross, Jean Singer, and Karen Dillon for Harvard Business Review categories the types of stressors that in and of themselves are quite small, but taken together, and building upon each other to the point you can bunch them into categories, well, there’s a recipe for real aggravation, on a regular basis. They go beyond the charting with strategies and tactics for reducing the impact of micro-stressors on your work and life.

Do Good Spotlight: Room to Read

One of my favorite do gooders is Room to Read. Recently, they partnered with Feeding America, and Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity to help get books to kids in the US in impoverished areas. The program is called “Hands On Books” and you can learn more about it here. We donated to Room to Read this week (we donate when we feature a not-for-profit) and one of the students I mentored this year for Rider University’s leadership program will be volunteering there soon too. I can’t say enough about this global organization that’s committed to improving lives by improving literacy!

Thanks for reading. Please let me know about not-for-profits you’d like to see featured here, and if you’ve got ideas or articles you want to share with other business owners in the Owlthena network, let me know about those too. In the meantime, stay cool, stay focused, stay strong. Your stakeholders are counting on you!