On a Personal Note:

If you’re receiving this e-briefing, I know you’re leading a business through incredibly challenging times and I’m here if you want to talk through anything that’s on your mind so you can stay focused on what’s important to you.

Many social media outlets are going quiet this week and others are not posting at all. I respect both approaches. I’ve fought for social justice my entire life and what is erupting in our country is complicated. While some could say I have no position in this–I’m not black, I’m no longer disadvantaged though I did grow up that way—I feel I have worked hard to correct biases when I encounter them and to support people working to bring about positive change. And I just don’t want to be quiet this week. I would rather reach out and say I’m here to listen if you need to talk. And I’d rather share some thoughts…

You’re not alone if you’re feeling overwhelmed by this first half of 2020, and this week I’d like to share articles that may be helpful as you continuously reframe your life and your purpose through the turmoil.

We all need to stay at our optimal best to be of aid to those who need us most, be that the black community, our law abiding law enforcement officers, those suffering from COVID, those affected by the COVID economy, and anyone else who is just having a hard time right now.

As we continually pour our collective energies into standing together and not allowing ourselves to be pulled apart, be very aware of this: there are energies working aggressively to pull us apart, divide and conquer.  Let’s be awake to that, to recognize what we are seeing, and to rise above. We must find it in ourselves to lead to the light, always to the light.

Take a deep breath, focus, and see if these articles are helpful:

  • Are you getting plenty of sleep and still feel fatigued? You’re not alone, and there are things you can do about it. Let me ask this question, are you getting enough rest? It’s a different question…rest and sleep are not the same. Here’s a quick TED Talk from Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith that explains why so many of us are fatigued from lack of one or more of the seven types of rest.
  • Do you suddenly feel like you’re regressing? If so, you’re not alone there either…this piece by Merete Wedell-Wedellsborg for Harvard Business Review talks about what many are feeling. In the early weeks of the COVID crisis, we were fueled by the need to organize, rethink, take charge. Normal according to Wedell-Wedellsborg. What comes next is where many are now: Regression. Apparently, “boredom, lack of new experiences, and monotony can be much more stressful than combat.” Recovery is the third step, but we need to move through Regression to get there.
  • You’ve heard of the 80/20 rule, but what about the 40% rule? This from Jeff Haden in Inc. talks about how by pushing yourself a little further, challenging yourself just a little bit more, brings amazing returns–and be impressed with yourself in the process. I bet we all could use a little self-esteem boost right about now, so find out how to get that boost with this quick read.


Do Good Spotlight: Project Basta and Bottom Line

Yes, a double feature! These organizations were brought to my attention by Deanne Cullen who supports them both. Each is focused on helping first-gen students get the extra support they need as they embark on their career journey. Especially important now as a lot of those key steppingstone internships/programs/first jobs have been postponed due to COVID.

There are so many nuances people who grow up in families with parents in business absorb through osmosis that students from other backgrounds do not. From advice that works in some environments but not others, e.g., “Don’t do more than the people around you, you don’t want to stand out” to how to participate in conversations about what you did over the weekend, the workplace is filled with landmines for new workers not conditioned for this landscape. I myself was a first-gen college student, so the missions of these organizations resonate with me.

Here are links to each organization:  Project Basta and Bottom Line. The Owlthena team supported Bottom Line with a cash donation; Project Basta doesn’t take donations but let’s spread the word to support them too. Perhaps if you learn more about them, you can find ways to support them both. Thanks, Deanna, for sharing these.


That’s it for this week. Again, please reach out if you want to talk anything through to reach clarity. Please stay safe, stay strong, stay focused, and remember, lead to the light!