We’re all working to go forward to whatever normal becomes, and we at Owlthena applaud everyone who is doing their best to keep positive and help those around them. Please be kind and patient, we really have no idea what the person next to us is dealing with these days, no matter how pulled together they may appear.

  • Speaking of appearing, are you getting Zoom fatigue? Yes, it’s a thing. Well-being experts say video chat meetings are more draining than regular face-to-face meetings. Want to know why? Here you go.
  • Even before COVID-19 forced organizations to increase the number of employees they had working from home, research demonstrated remote workers were often saddled with additional tensions, according to HCM Technology Report. How can you help reduce stress and improve productivity while establishing remote-work-success experiences for your organization?
  • Forbes has this heady piece based on new research from the neuroscience-marketing firm Neuro-Insight that addresses the impact of isolation on the consumer’s definitions of essential and indulgent purchases.  This helps explain some of those memes we all saw about alcohol consumption in the early days of lockdown.

Do Good Spotlight:

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Mercer County’s Night of Shining Stars on May 13 is going virtual. It’s a free, 40-minute, live online event via Zoom celebrating the club, kids, and programs with:

  • Vinnie Brand, comedian & owner of the Stress Factory Comedy Clubs
  • Violeta Yas, NBC 10 meteorologist & BGC alum
  • Joylette Hylick, NASA mathematician, author & daughter of “Hidden Figures” mathematician Katherine Johnson

Here’s a link to learn more.


That’s it for this week. Please stay safe, stay healthy, stay strong, and keep compassion and patience in the forefront. Thanks!