How are you doing? Are you finding new ways to be productive and focused that you’d like to share with other What’s Hot Wednesday for Business Leaders next week? Please share if you have the time, we’re all navigating through the storm together, but as many have pointed out, the boats are all different. Whatever you can share that you think will be helpful, I’ll be glad to pass along.

In the meantime, here are stories that caught my attention this week I thought as a fellow business leader you would be interested in too:

  • In “7 Predictions for a Post-Coronavirus World” in Medium, Emma Rose Bienvenu does a great job focusing on what we’re all experiencing and pointing possible paths for how these pivot points trend going forward. For example, as work from home becomes the standard, many move from big cities to less expensive smaller cities or rural communities that better meet their needs. Her choices and forecasts are interesting, and I found my mind easily sharing her vision…
  • I sincerely hope you do not have to layoff employees, and if you’ve already had to do it, you have my deepest sympathies. This article by Spencer Rascoff, founder of Zillow, offers some tips for laying off humanely, borne of his battle scars from weathering two recessions.
  • I love these stories of very young—in this case 13—people innovating and succeeding. Have you seen this story of Quinn? He felt bad about the scars healthcare professionals were getting from their masks, so he found a design and started using a 3D printer to produce ear guards that alleviate the masks digging into faces.
  • And here’s a story about how a dinner conversation between husband and wife Laurie and Kevin Hommema, a doctor and an engineer, led to a solution to decontaminate 80,000 face masks a day! Let this be a great reminder to keep those “what if” conversations going—they can be a great door opener to innovation.
  • How are you providing comfort to your employees and colleagues? This new research suggests trying to cheer them up may backfire. Here’s more, from Jessica Stillman in Inc..
  • Want to get better at managing remotely? Here are awesome tips from Ryan Malone of SmartBug Media via this Inc. article by Burt Helm.


Do Good Spotlight: NYU Langone’s COVID Fund

Susan Cain, Author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking lost her brother, a doctor at NYU Langone, to COVID this past week. I’m a big fan of her and the work she does. News of her brother’s death prompted Owlthena to donate to the healthcare system’s COVID fund. Please consider doing the same.


Was this issue helpful? Which articles were most helpful to you? Please let me know what your thinking and how things are going for you. You know I’m here to help when I can. And for now, have a safe and productive day.