How’s business going? How are you and all your community members doing? We’re working through the pandemic together, and staying hopeful as medical advances are being made and businesses take a leadership position in doing the right thing. Very impressed right now by so so many.

Here are articles and posts I want to share with you this week:

  • Seems like everybody’s Zoomin’ these days. And while there are lots of pluses to video conferencing, this post raises some concerns about Zoom’s security and precautions you may want to take to protect your privacy.
  • This one is good…it’s from Fast Company and it’s about improving communications when working remotely. Lots of good points about information hide and seek and how to really communicate, not just exchange verbiage.
  • How are you fostering resilience for yourself and your team? This from Harvard Business Review provides novel insights and suggestions;


Do Good Spotlight on: HomeFront

We went local with our spotlight this week, shining it on HomeFront in Trenton, NJ. HomeFront is dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty. Working to end homelessness in central New Jersey, they unite resources and apply them directly to those in need. They also provide their clients skills training and connect them with opportunities to ensure adequate incomes, and work to increase the availability of affordable housing. They teach homeless families to advocate for themselves individually and collectively. We’ve always been impressed by HomeFront and were happy to donate when one of our team members mentioned she’s a dedicated supporter. We donated cash, and they appreciate household and other help too. Learn more here and please consider donating.


I hope this issue was helpful to you as we navigate through these weeks to a more resilient future.

Stay well, be strong.