My thoughts and energies are with you, your family, and your business as we all work together to navigate the pandemic and its effects.

We’ll focus on some positives today to help you keep balanced. The situation is severe, no doubt, but it doesn’t need to be, nor should it be, all-embracing. Let’s put our energies to doing what we can to help those on the front lines while doing right by our family, friends, and communities.

So, what’s hot today that I think you may want to know about? Here you go (and yes, I watched Tiger King and no, I don’t need to see episode 7).

Speaking of the positives, have you caught John Krasinski’s Good News?

Here are more stories about business owners and companies that have the right idea and are demonstrating leadership and humanity simultaneously:

  • The #ShareASquare campaign by Cottenelle reminding folks there is no shortage if there is no hoarding and offering to donate $1 for every square shared social post.
  • Miller Beer has a tip jar and we like it.
  • This guy: shout out to Mario Salerno, owner of 18 apartment buildings, empath of the month: he didn’t want his hundreds of tenants stressing about the rent, so he waived it. Dude!
  • Giving away secrets—in a good way—Medtronic freely shares design specs to any company that wants to use them to develop ventilators for hospitals.

Are you all about the Zoom? Here are some Zoom tips, most of which apply to your other fav video meeting tools too:

  • This one was shared by our friend Michael Piperno of Imbue Creative and we’re re-sharing it ‘cause it’s that good.
  • Enabling passwords for meetings on Zoom, including those who enter manually, using the waiting room, and lots of other updates/tips from Zoom.

 This advice from Dr. Marsha Dobson, “25 Mental Health Wellness Tips for Quarantine” is making the rounds on social media. It’s so good, I wanted to share it with you; I hope it’s helpful to you and the people you choose to share it with.

What age is best to start a business? The answers from a recent study overviewed in this Inc. April 2020 article by Jeff Haden may surprise you.

Work from Home Jobs in Customer Support: Do you have people in your circle who need hourly work they can do from home? This company NexRep, has been pioneering the remote telecenter concept for years. They get high scores from their agents for making it great to do customer support and inbound calls from their homes. Super high tech, great training, and reps only support one client at a time, making them knowledgeable resources in support of NexRep’s clients. As you can imagine, this is a business that is in high demand with the pandemic driving workers from physical call centers and they’re hiring like crazy. Someone need work? Have them check out NexRep. (Not for NJ residents, but most other states’ residents can work for NexRep).


Do Good Spotlight: “For Schools’ Sake” Campaign by GENYOUth

This suggestion came from Stacy Moyers at MMS Education about an organization they’re supporting, GENYOUth and an initiative they’ve started called “For Schools’ Sake,” GENYOUth is raising funds to support the feeding of children while they’re out of school due to the pandemic. So far, the organization has raised about $3 million. MMS supports GENYOUth with marketing technology. Schools can apply for grants of up to $3,000 to support children in their community. Very cool. You can learn more about GENYOUth and specifically how you can donate towards school meals during the crisis, just like we did!


Thanks for reading this e-briefing and being a part of the Owlthena community. We’re here to help you hear yourself when you need to think out loud to tackle tough challenges. Reach out if you need us, and remember, stay well and be strong—people are counting on you!