How are you staying focused and motivated these days? If you have suggestions, please share them so we can share them with our other readers. The Owlthena team is all about helping business leaders reframe challenges to drive forward past impediments, so how are you driving passed rocks in the road this week?

One thing that I’ve found very helpful is setting goals with definable, short-term tasks built in so I can see myself accomplishing something positive while staying focused. This is different from creating a “to do list.” By identifying improvements I want to make in myself, and then taking the time to purposely plan the steps I need to take to attain the improved state, I am adding structure to my world at a time when that’s a bit scarce. For example, I want to better understand Google Ads so I can be of stronger support to my team members who manage those programs for my other company, Digital Brand Expressions. I’m now working through training modules to get Google Ads certified. It will help me be better at my job and to help others be better at theirs. This feels like an investment in time rather than an expenditure of time. Goal vs. Task.

What else is hot this week? These articles caught my attention:

  • Do you see obstacles as roadblocks or indications that you’re on the right road? This Harvard Business Review article by Nathan Furr talks about just that, and other ways to navigate uncertainty. Timely, yes?
  • What stories have you seen lately about businesses quickly rethinking their models to quickly pivot to manage through these times? We’ve all seen our local restaurants quickly moving to provide “take out” options. And aren’t you loving the concerts and other artistic expressions performers are sharing with us virtually? Here are other pivots you may have missed: this company had just started out and did a quick pivot to stay in business when it’s original target audience, owners of Airbnb properties, hit a wall, presto chango, now they provide laundry services for those at high risk for contracting the virus. Then there’s the Claremont Distiller in NJ, owned by Tim Koether. He converted production from alcoholic beverages to hand sanitizer. And how about Brookville Glove Manufacturing, the Pittsburgh company that rather than furlough its 20 employees due to forced closure as a “non-essential business,” shifted gears and went from making gloves to face masks. If you’ve got inspirational business pivots to share, please do!
  • If you want definitive answers, you probably won’t groove on this summary and downloadable white paper from American Enterprise Institute (AEI), but if you take some comfort in the framework of a game plan, you may find some comfort here.

Do Good Spotlight: The Catholic Foundation of Greater Philadelphia

Our friends at MCG Strategic let us know about a food donation program their client, The Catholic Foundation of Greater Philadelphia is running to feed the hungry.100% of the proceeds for their Emergency Relief Fund go to those in need. Here’s the main website and to donate to this relief fund click here. We donated and hope you can too.


As I wrap this up, I want to ask you to please be patient with yourself, and patient with others. Everyone is dealing with this in real time, for the first time. We all need to learn, share, seek resolution, and find ways to keep this from happening again. For now, patience is in high demand—and highly valued.

Stay well, be strong.