This is “Week 2” for many who are working remotely to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

Thank you from all of us at Owlthena to everyone who is doing their part, big or small, to stay safe and help others.

This week’s What’s Hot Wednesday for Business Leaders goes like this:

  • As every business owner knows, we have responsibilities that most other people don’t–and few would even realize we have–including playing our part in avoiding a recession. This Harvard Business Review article hits the “R” word head on with advice for business owners and other leaders shaping our future with their actions right now.
  • Thanks to our friend and PR pro Beth Brody for this share after she read about some of the CEOs we highlighted last week: “The upheaval that the Coronavirus pandemic has caused is impacting organizations on many levels, including employee wellbeing. Jan Bruce, CEO and co-founder of meQuilibrium the leading workplace digital resilience solution, has compiled resources for employers who want to equip their anxious employees to remain calm while productively navigating these tumultuous times.” You can find links to easy-to-digest resources for your team, yourself, and your HR team here.
  • How are you staying connected outside your organization right now? Networking doesn’t have to stop just because we aren’t together. Doubtless by now you’ve participated in a Zoom cocktail party or Skyped with your friends far away. (if you haven’t yet—I highly recommend, great way to ease the stress of the day.) Coffee driven Google Hangouts are a way to have those informal networking meetings feel less like meetings. If you’re not comfortable with networking—and want to find new ways to fuel your creative side during while we’re all sort of sidelined—check out these resources on how to network from new perspectives and challenge yourself out of your comfort zone just a bit:
    • From Harvard Business Review: “Networking Doesn’t Have to be Self-Serving”.
    • From NetWorkWise: a course on networking, even for introverts, with the option to get certified at the end.
    • PowerMatch: virtual (video or phone) 1:1 or 1:2 meet ups with people who the organizer thinks would be good for you to meet (based on the questionnaires members fill out). No selling to each other, just meeting to explore synergies and seeing how you can help each other and be helped. It’s one of the best groups I’ve joined in a long time—have had over 15 meetings since the beginning of 2020 and each one was a gem.


Do Good Spotlight on: The Center for Disaster Philanthropy

Interested in funding response and recovery efforts for those affected by COVID-19 and for responders? The Center for Disaster Philanthropy, a charity that has earned a 4-star Charity Navigator rating and is also a trusted philanthropic partner of Google, has a COVID-19 Response Fund. This fund allows donors to give now to support preparedness, containment, response and recovery activities. DBE donated and we hope you’ll consider supporting this organization too.


That’s it for this week. Please share tips you have for staying focused, productive, and safe through this global challenge and we’ll be sure to pass them along to all our readers. For now, stay well and stay present for yourself and everyone counting on you.