I hope you’re hanging in there through all the turmoil. Let’s focus on the long-term to help ride this out together:

  • This one is truly a good read. It’s long, so grab a cup of tea or coffee, but seriously, you’ll want to read this. It’s based on a study by Robin J. Ely and Irene Padavic in the current issue of Harvard Business Review. Don’t let the title make you think you’ve heard this all before, because I’m pretty sure you haven’t…I have read about this topic a lot and this info was news to me. The study was to get to the real issues behind women not advancing in the workplace as trajectories from the 80’s would have indicated, and the authors postulate that it’s not a straightforward work life balance issue facing women, it’s the conflicts behind traditional male/female roles regarding how being separated from their children are handled, justified, and reconciled differently by men and women based on socialization and social bias. I hope you see the magnitude of the new light this sheds on our collective struggles to build better workplaces for all. For me, truly eye opening.
  • Are you or anyone in your company concerned that your emails aren’t being carefully read? This New York Times story talks about what you can do to fix that (hint, it’s not burying Easter eggs in your emails).
  • What are 3 trends poised to make a difference to e-commerce marketers, and how may they affect you–even if you’re not marketing through e-com? This short piece from Inc. has some answers.


Do Good Spotlight: The Center for Disaster Philanthropy

Found this on Charity Navigator: “Interested in funding response and recovery efforts for those affected and for responders? The Center for Disaster Philanthropy, a charity that has earned a 4-star Charity Navigator rating and is also a trusted philanthropic partner of Google, has a COVID-19 Response Fund. This fund allows donors to give now to support preparedness, containment, response and recovery activities.” We donated this week, perhaps you can donate too…


Keep your energy up and help where you can. It’s tough right now but we’ll get through it if we work together.