I’m liking the 60° and sunny so hoping the Groundhog was right! In the meantime,…

This week we’ve got some quick reads:

  • Are you a mentor or a mentee? Do you feel clear in your role and how your communicating what you need from the relationship to your counterpart? This article from Harvard Business Review suggests there are 3 types of mentoring needs for mentees. Do you agree? How are/have your mentor/mentee relationships going/gone and would the thoughts expressed by the authors Chopra and Saint align with your experiences?
  • If you’re business is large enough to have a CMO, is she or he doing a great job? If you’ve got a smaller business, same question—is the marketing lead, whether that’s you or someone else, helping to build your brand? The challenges and suggestions in this Harvard Business Review article by Larry Light are worth a read regardless of the size of your company, because he gets to something of value to us all: how are you measuring marketing success? He advocates a return to the “Brand-Business Scorecard,” concept and that we hold our brand’s marketing team accountable to the results net/netted to “Bigger, Better, Stronger.” What do you think, does this apply to your business?
  • Did you set goals for your business for 2020? How specific were they? How are you tracking to them? If you want a do-over as we slide towards Q2, here’s a quick cheat sheet that may help make it easier to envision, choose, focus, and measure your successes:


Do Good Spotlight: Doctors Without Borders

You know we’re big fans of these doctors and other medical pros who go where the rest of us fear to tread to bring aid to people in all parts of the world who need treatments, medicines, and surgeries. We donated this week and hope you’ll consider doing the same:  Doctors Without Borders


I hope this week’s briefing was helpful. With everything going on out there, it’s easy to get distracted. Word to the wise, stay focused on your priorities!