Whoo-hoo, it’s almost the end of February with an extra day thrown it just to keep it interesting! What are you doing with your bonus day this year? Well before we get to that, here’s your e-brief for business leaders brought to you by Owlthena.

In this week’s What’s Hot Wednesday for Business Leaders we have:

  • How to make those video conference calls smoother, especially when you’re working from home via the Wire Cutter. And thanks for sharing this Lynne Goldman.
  • This article in Medium by Byrne Hobart may not be your cup of protein shake, but there are some interesting perspectives in here about disruption and how today’s winners may only continue to win when there’s no one else left. I’m going to give it a deeper, slower read because there’s a lot packed in here, but I’m sharing it now because if you want to get thinking about disruption and pivots, this may be good fuel.

You know I try to keep it upbeat here, but sometimes we gotta talk about the tough stuff. These three articles do just that—talking about it helps us see the problems we need to address:

  • “Sunday Scaries”: you may be immune as the business owner, or maybe not…but how about your team? Is this phenomenon affecting your team’s Mondays—and beyond? The Atlantic has it covered.
  • And the topics talked about in this article are the reasons I started Owlthena almost two years ago: all the science showing us how tough it is to run a business—especially when you feel isolated.
  • How open are your eyes for potential mistruths (aka “lies”) during the hiring process? As one exiting employee told me a few years ago, to my horror, “Geez, Niki, everybody lies in interviews.” Eye opening indeed. Well, apparently he wasn’t alone according to this CNBC post based on research data from Checkster, the reference checking company. And a shout out for the share to Beth Brody.

Okay, back to pure positivity…check out this week’s Do Good Spotlight…


Do Good Spotlight:  Food and Water Watch

Have you heard of Food and Water Watch? I hadn’t until I was looking through Charity Watch to find an organization to feature this week. What an amazing track record including an A rating from Charity Watch. And their social mission! Here’s a bit about them from their website: “Food & Water Watch mobilizes regular people to build political power to move bold & uncompromised solutions to the most pressing food, water, and climate problems of our time. We work to protect people’s health, communities, and democracy from the growing destructive power of the most powerful economic interests.” I like their tagline, “Fight like you live here.” I like this group so much that we donated our do good dollars this week to help them help us all. How about you? Here’s their website. @foodandwater #ClimateChange #environment #ProtectOurResources


I hope these briefs from Owlthena are helping you stay on top of your game. If you need to talk through a business challenge or opportunity to gain clarity on what you’re really thinking, set up a one-time, video chat with me through the Owlthena site: so we can get you from cloudy to clear in under an hour.