This week is breezing by for me, how about you? The focus of What’s Hot Wednesday for Business Owners this week is “big think” pieces. I hope you get as much out of them as I did:

  • This article from Harvard Business Review, “Why We Love to Hate HR…and What HR can Do About It” is an interesting perspective piece, shared by Pat McParland Cabral of HR Acuity. It contains a brief historical overview of HR departments in the U.S. and shares thoughts on questioning HR processes and the reasons behind them. For example, have you thought about when certain procedures were put into place, and what was the job market like when they were? Take a read and let me know if anything in here has you rethinking your mindset about how you get and keep talent at your company.
  • Do you and your employees feel like you’re winning economically? It’s much harder for many Americans than most people realize. This article from the Atlantic suggests to get a clearer view, we should be looking at “the other side of the ledger” when factoring how well the economy is doing and where it goes from here. This was interesting to me because of the 4 sets of stats it presents about where Americans’ money is going after it’s earned. You’ve probably read about costs ballooning in other pieces, but this one ties it all together in a bow and names it “the affordability” issue. The 4 out-of-control areas for average Americans compared to years ago: College, Housing, Healthcare, and Childcare. Would love to hear your thoughts on this one.
  • What is the future of employment and work? The McKinsey Quarterly for January 2020 suggests we get “practical” about the future of work. Practical as in taking steps to get to where the futurists are pointing. McKinsey’s modeling shows 30%-40% of workers in developed countries are going to need to be in new jobs or upgrade their skill sets tremendously in order to be employable. SO companies are taking actions, like this, “Amazon recently pledged $700 millionto retrain 100,000 employees for higher-skilled jobs in technology (for example, training warehouse employees to become basic data analysts).” It’s a good article for this week’s theme on trends, including “job crafting” which is involving individuals in the redesign of their jobs for mutual (company and employee) success. See what you think and if there are ways you can be applying what you agree with in this piece to your company.


Do Good Spotlight: Direct Relief

We were looking for a do-good organization to feature this week and were surprised that we hadn’t heard of this one before, despite its excellent reputation. Direct Relief believes healthy people make a better world and they are committed to providing doctors and nurses in the US and around the globe with the life-saving medicines and equipment they need to help people who are suffering. We learned about them on Charity Navigator: they are on that organization’s “10 of the Best Charities Everyone’s Heard of” and yet we hadn’t heard of them ourselves! We were blown away by their successes and financial responsibility and just had to donate to help them continue the great work they are doing. Would you consider doing the same?


Thanks for reading and I hope thinking in new ways too! Reach out if you’d like to catch up. For now, enjoy the rest of the week!