This week’s What’s Hot Wednesday for Business Owners is all about innovation: creative process, smart products, and how to keep your inner innovator inspired.

  • Have you noticed how hard it is to sell something new to people because they are content with their current situation? Great innovators know you need to first change their mindset so they have a new place for your product to “fit.” Steve Jobs is an oft-noted master of this. This article by Mark Bonchek for Harvard Business Review does a great job of simplifying the concept of reframing that innovation launch marketers need to tackle for success.


Do Good Spotlight: Bark

We usually highlight (and donate to) a not-for-profit in this section.

This week, aligned with our “innovation” theme, we’re spotlighting an innovator that helps parents understand how quickly and easily young children are approached and manipulated by online predators and provides a way for families to fight back.

Working with law enforcement, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and other organizations fighting for our kids’ physical and emotional safety, Bark educates and provides AI-based monitoring tools to parents.

I learned about Bark when I stumbled across an article on Medium and I thought I’d share my journey chronologically for you. Be advised, the Medium post is more than disturbing, and you can jump right to the second and third links if you just want to learn about the product. But if you have young children and teens in your world, the Medium post is very eye opening. #childsafety @barktechco

Medium Article

Bark – Helping Combat Child Predators

Bark – How It Works

  • How do you keep your creativity alive? I’ll bet you’ll find a few new ideas among the 34 (!) tips shared by Ryan Robinson in Entrepreneur Magazine.
  • And when you’re inspired and fired up, how do you keep your team sparking and developing new workflows, process improvements, product breakthroughs and more? This Fast Company piece, created with Accenture, highlights some companies that are getting innovation right. Maybe a few of these ideas can be applied to your company.

That’s it for this week. Happy innovating! And remember, if a business challenge has you “stuck,” and you need to see clearly to take action, let’s do an Owlthena session together. 1-hour, one-time video meeting. You talk, I make sure you’re listening to yourself, you get unstuck and move forward. Give it a try–all of these business owners did.